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You probably never thought of taking advantage of this opportunity to store your savings and why not, your dreams too.

First of all it is not complicated but you can proceed in total autonomy by turning to registered platforms. In our case we talk about, which deals with Equity CrowdFundin, an online fundraising system that allows a startup to collect funding thanks to people interested in investing in a project.

Why choose GardenStuff?

First of all, innovative startups must have at least one technological innovation requirement out of three, we all own them: research & development, qualified team and intellectual property.

Last but not least, we have the determination, courage and the most innovative ideas of the moment. Thanks to the funds we will raise, we will be able to fully develop our project that comes from a real need in the modern world: the need for people to integrate into a Green lifestyle. The target? Develop the IoT technology combined with plant care first.