In this way Renzo Pezzani described this month in his poem "Aprile".

A splendid imaginary picture that brings to life in the eyes of the law that desire for life and nature that touches us when it explodes. Read it calmly, then close your eyes and dream of what will come and what you can do to create a personal picture in your green corner of the house.

And remember that here at GardenStuff you can find all the tools you need to paint your April.


So April in a day

I have painted the garden:

whitewash all around the wall

and the whole sky of the most beautiful turquoise.

Greenery did not do economics.

This pot is so green

that seems the garden of poetry.

What a fuss of colors in every flowerbed

and how many flowers, how much fantasy

blue, red, light blue and purple!

There is a flower for everyone in my garden!

Make it a bunch to take to school!

So he painted my short April

earth by dipping the brush into the heart

as long as the color was enough.

Poem by Renzo Pezzani