The month of May has exploded in all its wonder and with it comes also Mother's Day.

Tomorrow will be that moment when each for us, everyone in his own way will remember his mother, present or not, far away or close, reserved or intrusive, the mother always remains the mother.

Chocolates, jewels, perfumes, but the great protagonists for gifts always remain their flowers.

So why not take advantage of this opportunity to combine a sweet thought with time spent together. Wherever you live, even in the roughest city, flowers never fail, the force of nature is stronger than any cement. Between the sidewalks or in the parks there is always some daisy or a solitary poppy that cheers us with its color.

Call your mom, invite her to take a walk with you and take her to a park, or even better in a might seem strange but they still exist on the edge of the city and are a breath to the soul. A beautiful bouquet of wildflowers can be the perfect idea to thank your mother, economic, creative, and above all sharing with her.

In this period, patches of color stand out among the grass, immense patches of white daisies, soft and light red poppies, small celestial dots like the Eyes of the Madonna, the yellow lion's mouths or even the delicate and elegant bluebells that climb the walls .

Wherever you find yourself the flowers will make every corner a perfect show. Walk, talk, share time and memories, collect flowers, tie them with a ribbon and play with their colors, feel yourself inebriated by their scent, remember who you are and where you come from, touch the stem of a flower, it is he who supports it, which allows it to grow, which exposes it to the world, just as mothers do for their children.

And if you have children in your turn...what could be better than running in the fields and lying down together in the grass!

Best wishes to all mothers!