There is a story about men and plants and all the love and passion that the protagonists of this story have put into their project. This story is about plant intelligence.

Plants are considered the most advanced and adaptable form of life. They can see, hear and communicate, are able to emit noises and possess in their intrinsic life many answers that man has been searching for millennia.

In this story there is a professor, Stefano Mancuso, a neurobiologist at the University of Florence who has set up an international Plant Neurobiology laboratory, in fact he states that plants are so intelligent to recognize sounds and music, they are in fact sensitive to 200 Herz because it is on this frequency that the waves emitted by the water streams to which the plants tend for their survival travel.

Developing this and other theses, Professor Mancuso has found a fundamental traveling companion in this journey, Felix Richterich, CEO of Ricola who has made plants and herbs the first element for the production of his sweets.

Together, Richterich and Mancuso also involved an internationally renowned musician and composer, Vittorio Cosma, to whom they asked to create music suited to plants, sounds that could stimulate them.

Research, development and art have met in fascinating and curious minds that have made respect for nature and plants not only a job but also a passion and a treasure to be preserved. All this leads to a single truth, adaptability remains the highest form of intelligence for any living being, and the plants in this can only teach us.

This story of life, research and people has produced an amazing result, the dance of plants, visible in a fascinating 18-minute short film. 

Good vision!