There is an activity to do that costs nothing...dream!

All dreams come from a personal need, from a desire that drives us to realize what we need.

Francesco's dream, when he finished university and went to live in a city apartment, was to find a way to house plants in his home, carry out gardening as a hobby, a fundamental element he felt a real need for improve his quality of life.

So he started thinking and designing products that could exploit even the smallest spaces in the home such as window sills, making them suitable for plant cultivation. Since then he has designed several systems, patenting the ideas, functionalities and aesthetics and finding the success of the public. Hence the subsequent idea of ​​involving plants in living environments as far as possible, exploiting the technology and innovation of the IoT system attached to a vertical garden.

This idea has opened a series of roads that have allowed the realization of a dream, so that Francesco's Start Up was chosen to participate in one of the most exclusive programs promoted by the Ministry of Economic Development, the Global Start Up Program, called from ITA the Italian Trade Agency.

Yesterday the first, challenging but stimulating training phase ended, from scale up to intellectual property, from project work to ICT, in the next few months instead the second phase will start, 3 months to spend in the USA, in one of the largest incubators and foreign accelerators to be able to bring GardenStuff products to the potential of international development. From dream to reality, from Legnano to the USA, the first step for an international show.

Discover the products that brought GardenStuff to success and try them! SpirHello, the collection of spirals, incense and coils. Serpentello, makes your windowsill safe, adaptable and extensible.

VasoSicuro, the collection of anti fall pots, is assembled in two minutes and does not need to be drilled. Silvano attaches himself to any windowsill to make a large and safe space for the vases.