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The myth tells that Venus, goddess of love and beauty, fell madly in love with the young Adonis, a beautiful and skilled hunter of whom he became a lover.

Mars, in love with Venus, seized by indomitable jealousy hurled at Adonis a fierce boar that wounded him to death. Venus cried over the lifeless body of the beloved Adonis and his copious tears falling to the ground turned into small red hearts, the strawberries.

This ancient legend introduces us to small and precious ruby-colored fruits that have very ancient origins, they are attributed magical powers and sensual rituals and all of us still suffer the fascination of them today.

The strawberries, minute and ornamental red hearts adorned with green leaves that every spring await with trepidation, flatter your eye, stimulate your palate, the brain's reaction is immediate and intense, associate the color and appearance of this fruit with exquisite taste and immediate well-being.

These beloved fruits, in fact, hide within their sweet flesh great beneficial qualities, they have a very strong antioxidant power and contain high levels of vitamin C, they are also rich in calcium, iron and magnesium, recommended for those suffering from rheumatism and to fight high cholesterol . The phosphorus contained gives diuretic and purifying properties.

Growing strawberries in pots is the most comfortable and practical solution to have zero km fruits, grown and matured on the balcony of the house. Here's how in 5 simple steps.

1 Take a jar with its 30x30 cm saucer and fill it with universal soil mixed with perlite

2 Now place the strawberry plant in the pot you have prepared

3 Compact the soil with your hands and add more soil and specific fertilizer for strawberries if necessary

4 Place the map trying to ensure that it has half a day of sunshine and half a day of shade.

5 Water with plenty of water but try to avoid as much as possible any stagnation.


The ideal would be to water the plants early in the morning to allow constant evaporation of excess water and maintaining the right level of humidity.

Strawberry plants generally produce fruit for a few consecutive years and, if grown in a fairly large pot, before they reach the end of their production cycle they are able to generate other plants that can be separated from the mother plant and buried in another jar.

What is more satisfying than feeding on the fruits you grow ... even if you live in an apartment.

Have fun!