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The word solstice comes from the Latin solstitium, composed of sol, 'Sun' and sistere, 'to stop'.

Stop. Stop the thoughts, your gestures and your habits, stop and observe.

Observe the changing earth, the sun high in the sky, the passing clouds, the grass and the flowers that surround you, the smell of summer. Sweet and sticky like honey, intense like jasmine flowers, sparkling like the sense of freedom.

Bring your gaze upwards, open your arms as a sign of welcome and receive what mother nature has given you. This magical day for many peoples of the world is linked to ancestral rites and celebrations that come together in a magical night.

During the summer solstice, according to tradition, you experience a magical moment, because the sun is married to the moon and from this marriage beneficial energies are poured into the earth.

In this short but intense span of time, all plants and herbs on earth are influenced with particular strength and power. Dew-bathed and imbued with new power.

In Italy in particular this moment is associated with the Night of St. John (June 24th) during which herbs are harvested at their best time. Artemisia, Rosemary, Hypericum and Lavender, Garlic, Sage, Mint and Verbena.

The dew that falls on this night has extraordinary virtues. Plants harvested after having been wet with dew have extraordinary healing properties.

The moment when the light floods everything and dominates the dark, the moment in which even the plants, our beloved life companions, take all life and the possible lymph.

Good summer solstice!