We are in the middle of summer, the schools are finished, the days of rest arrive and the time to spend together becomes longer and more intense.

In this season of a thousand opportunities, nature provides us with everything we need to escape from the routine and discover new activities to do with children.

"Mommy do we do a drawing together?"

"Dad do we paint with colors?

Pleading vocals echo in the houses. How not to listen to them. Then try for once to leave in the drawer tempere and markers and use together with your children the colors that nature gives us.

For the older artists there are real techniques of extraction of color through shredding and sieve of vegetables but there are wonderful methods that allow you to create masterpieces directly using leaves and fruits.

Sit around a table or lie down next to a large common sheet on the floor and start with your artwork with paper and brushes.


These leaves are among the richest in chlorophyll that can be found, take one each and pass it a little in your hands so that it becomes softer and more flexible. Fold it in two parts and start painting on your sheet by rubbing the spinach leaf which will release colored traces of a bright green. You can also place the leaf lying on the paper and with the bottom of the brush tap on the leaf, when you raise it you will find a painting worthy of the best pointillists of history.


Just very little saffron powder mixed with a little water to get an intense color watercolor that you can spread on the sheet with a brush or directly with your fingers.


An intense purple color tuber used to color even the most refined dishes, it is a perfect producer of color to paint. The beetroot can be minced and to insert in an old piece of fabric that when pressed with a little force will make a liquid drip very intense that you can also spread directly with your fingers.


Open the door of your kitchen take a teaspoon of coffee powder from the jar or take a bean directly and use it like a pencil. The intensity of this color will lead you to imagine new worlds.

Black sesame, blue blueberries, red cherries and orange turmeric, everything of vegetable origin that we have at home or on the balcony is a potential color or painting tool.

Let yourself go and without a goal and a precise objective experiment, color, glue, manipulate vegetables, observe your children, in this they are the best teachers we can have.

Have fun!