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Today we want to talk to you about a project that has impressed us very much, having to deal with it every day plants and flowers and everything that revolves around them we have developed a special respect and dedication for them.

So between one acquaintance and another we happened to meet Katia, a splendid woman with golden hair who, with her enthusiasm, in an afternoon of sharing, made us taste a sweet absolutely particular, prepared with flowers, a sense of sharing and all his love.

We decided to tell you about her because she struck us special way she cooks and above all the how she uses flowers for her recipes. So one night we talked for a long time.

Katia is 44 years old and has a passion for cooking since time immemorial. When I ask her where she comes from, she tells me that as a child her greatest joy and her first thought on Sunday morning was getting up to help her mother make homemade pasta.

“Cooking for me has always been about sharing and conviviality” he tells us. "As with everyone, a period of my life has come in which I found myself having to face difficult moments and precisely in that phase I realized that for me, to cook, it was a real form of meditation. An infinite well-being, through which I could deepen my knowledge of myself. "

What exactly is your current approach to cooking Katia?

“Mine is a project of Energy kitchen, every gesture we make carries with it the energy we put into doing it. While cooking I realized, thanks to different experiences, that preparing a dish with one mood and repeating it with another completely changes the success of the dish is what it gives back to those who eat it. So I thought I'd start putting gods precise intentions in my dishes. If I prepare a dish for a couple in love, the whole process of preparing that dish brings with it their thoughts and all the energy that passes from my heart, to my body, through my hands is poured into the creative process that I put in place when cooking. .

The wonder happens when the recipients of the dish perfectly perceive the intent put in place. "

How did you come to use flowers in your dishes?

"The flowers are alive, delicate and colorful is I feel very similar to them in the flourishing that I found in my life and that today I apply with awareness. I see myself as colorful and I love perfumes, the essence of them and things. With these premises the one to flowers was a natural approach, they are a gift from the earth. I was initially using them for to decorate the dishes, then I realized that there is a powerful meaning and a particular energy in them. I choose them carefully based on their meaning and the intent that I want to put on the dish that I prepare and they become a preponderant ingredient in my dish not just a decorative element. "

How do you choose the flowers you use?

“The whole process of energy cooking starts from a great one respect for the earth and nature that produces these precious gifts. There seasonality it is a fundamental element, I am lucky enough to live not far from a wood that I frequent every day, over time I have learned to recognize wild flowers to use them in my dishes.

From the pleasant chat with Katia we bring with us a certainty, everything we eat is not just food but is real nourishment, energy and feeling. If we have the opportunity to grow even a small part of what we eat we can be sure to nourish our body in the most correct way by keeping it healthy and healthy.

Not everyone has the opportunity to collect wild flowers in their natural habitats, but it is always easier to find a way buy seedlings to look after to grow or why not, start with their cultivation directly from the seed.

Katia has a brand new project underway to which she cares a lot and in which she is putting a lot of energy, in collaboration with a special team that shares goals and visions with her. It is about Sensory dinners which create a complex and full of life involvement, Katia's energetic kitchen, accompanied by the dense and sonorous atmosphere of Luca and Saida's Gongs in an ad hoc setting created by Aurora who will accompany people with her special welcome.

Guests will experience, through the senses, a tasting of dishes at a chromatic level linked to sounds and aromas, experiencing trust and love.

But let's not reveal everything now, we are waiting for a new meeting with Katia who can take us into the world of sensory dinners with her group and why not, cheer us up with some recipes with special flowers.

To follow Katia you can go here on her Instagram page or listen to her every Thursday at 9pm on www.radiovillagenetwork.it

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