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Spring is the season of rebirth and the colors are proof of this since many plants they flourish making us feel joy and embellishing the landscape that surrounds us. The choice of plants to 'adopt', however, can be difficult especially if you are not sufficiently informed, thus risking to make them suffer. Generally, we ask ourselves: what are the most colorful and at the same time most resistant plants?

The first that comes to mind to recommend is definitely the petunia: one of the most used plants to embellish balconies and terraces. THE its flowers have wavy or fringed petals and can be of a single color or with streaks or margins of different colors. Being very resistant and adaptable, it will be enough for you to water it once a day, moreover it begins to bloom in the month of May and continues until October.

The second plant from us mentioned is thehellebore: it is a plant that could even be defined independent thanks to its resistance. It loves the cold but does not mind the sun and is suitable to grow even in rather confined spaces such as the balcony. F.it grows in summer but also in winter, thriving in humid soils and in partial shade.

A very famous but at the same time very beneficial plant is certainly thealoe which can be cultivated as both external and internal. It loves the sun and the heat but not the humidity and needs to stay indoors only with temperatures below to zero.

The Mediterranean climate can favor the growth of plants such as bougainvillea: excellent for enlivening the balcony or walls thanks to its colorful flowers. It is very resistant to drought and does not need to be sheltered from the cold to withstand cold and bitter winters. He loves sun exposure and at the same time variety you can choose from are many, all distinguishable by color.

Aother plant recommended, similar to petunia, and the calibrachoa which blooms continuously from April to October with many small and colorful flowers creating a spectacular waterfall. It prefers sunny areas but loves both heat and rain. Suffers at temperatures belowthe five degrees and is ideal for those who want to color their terrace or balcony.

There gazania: plant that blooms from April to October its orange flowers which are similar to daisies. It is perfect for both pots and soil and can be planted even in poor soil. Perfect if you have a sunny balcony as it loves sunlight.

Plant with colorful funnel-shaped flowers: the hisbiscus. It is of delicate beauty and is one of the most sought after summer plants. It blooms from June to September while in winter there it can be cultivatedis indoors while continuing to enjoy its beautiful colors. It tolerates direct sunlight and hot summer weather very well and is perfect as an ornamental plant for the garden and terrace.

The last, but not least, is of course there purslane which is among the summer plants that most love the sun and can even be eaten. It is healthy since it regulates the need for polyunsaturated fatty acids and can enrich some dishes. In addition to being useful, it is also very nice to put both in the garden and on the balcony. It blooms from May until the first cold period in which it is advisable to place it at home.

These of course are just some of the plants that we have thought to present to you with the hope of having been of help and of seeing more colors on the streets of the city. Especially in a hard time like this we think it is inevitable to bring a little joy in small things since, as Walt Disney said, "the flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all".

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