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Which pot to choose for your plants?

As everyone knows there are many types of vases both from an aesthetic point of view but also from the point of view of functionality.

But how to choose the best pot for our plants? Let's try to find out together!

One of the most famous materials with which the vases are made is certainly the plastic since it makes them more affordable. However, we must also take into account their resistance, thanks to which they can last much longer and their lightness thanks to which they can be moved easily. In the summer, they keep the soil moisture better because their walls are waterproof. However, plastic pots do not allow good air circulation in the ground and even high temperatures are certainly not good for the plants that are in these pots, however it is enough to put them in shady places where temperatures do not reach their peak every day. , in this way each plant can grow and thrive without problems. A very positive side is that it is very easy to find plastic pots made from recycled material which has two advantages: saving and helping the environment.

A common material is the terracotta with which garden pots are made: they are resistant to heat and frost without cracking, they are porous, thus allowing both the earth and the roots of the plants to breathe, and their weight guarantees stability especially if there are often gusts of wind. On the other hand, however, being porous, they evaporate the water more quickly, so during the summer we will have to give our plants to drink more often.

Another material to take into consideration is certainly the wood. It is a great material as it is porous, so air and water can easily circulate between the fibers and between the slots in the battens. The earth does not heat up excessively in the sun allowing it to maintain freshness and humidity even in the hottest months. They deteriorate quickly and are also very expensive but vases made with this material are certainly among the best both from an aesthetic and a practical point of view.

One last famous material is certainly the metal: thanks to it, the pots are very attractive and decorative as well as being very resistant and durable, thus allowing you to keep your plants safe. However, they too do not make them breathe very well and tend to retain heat, but just put them in the shade where certainly the temperatures are lower and the air circulates better.

These four are the main materials, but there are many others with which the vases can be made using maybe even a little inventiveness. However, we hope we helped you choose the best pot and that your plants live longer.

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