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The new generations are certainly faster and more innovative than the previous ones, the millennials are the real fruit of this new century: bold, responsible, technological but above all green.

Yes, because among many qualities they have one that could surprise you: they cultivate and love plants much more than their previous generations. On social media the plant-mania, with videos and tutorials on their care, Instagram and Tik Tok are colored green.

As with any news concerning the very young, it has a very specific name, Plants Parenting, the parenting of plants.

What is Plant Parenting?

Until recently, mothers used to wet the plants on the balcony, now the very young have a green thumb!

Why does such a fast and technological generation love the slowest and oldest activity that can be done so much? After all he knows, cultivation is a real discipline, teaches patience and perseverance, makes you skilled in micro-manual skills and develops abstraction, it takes time to see a plant born and grow.

To date the awareness of the planet is certainly much higher than that of previous generations, dedicating oneself to plants is a concrete gesture to help biodiversity and is an immediate way to have a direct contact with nature which does not always surround the cities where children live.

Furthermore the desire to give care it is innate in the human being, and giving attention to plants is an excellent alternative to looking after a pet that often requires very different and more demanding treatments, and then let's face it, no nocturnal awakenings for barking or meowing, no hair, no kibble, plants have a much more Zen way of life! This is why they define themselves as Plant Parents, nothing closer to a intimate and affectionate care.

So what are the plants most loved by plant parents?

Buying online of plants is certainly another growing trend among millennials, if the nursery near the house is certainly a guarantee of trust, the network allows the choice between a truly infinite variety of plants able to arrive beautiful and healthy directly at home.

All varieties of Photos they are a real must, beautiful and resistant, they are highly sought after for the small leaves, the rapid growth that gives a lot of satisfaction.

The family of succulent, there are many varieties and require minimal attention, they can be cultivated even by the less experienced.

The Orchids they are very popular thanks to their spectacular colorful blooms and the exotic touch they can give.

There Sanseveria is another beloved plant that stands out with its very straight and green leaves.

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