Here come the low temperatures also in Italy, it is time to hospitalize the most sensitive plants in the cold.

2022 was a long and hot summer and until the beginning of November we benefited from mild temperatures, not only in Italy but in most of Europe.

The plants in this long summer have been able to prolong the vegetative growth.

And, even our tropical plants, if they got to living part of the time outside are strengthened and they got to grow, many of you live with satisfaction the results of their creatures like that well adapted to the external microclimate chosen for them.

Now, it's time to think about withdrawing them in a more protected area, especially for all those plants that under 10 ° C have no chance to defend themselves.

Some of you will have already done it and someone else hadn't thought about it yet because the warm and sunny days still make us think about life in the open air.

If you haven't done so yet the plants will thank you, you have given him a way to live outside more than he should, but now we must proceed!

As you may have seen, outdoor plants grow much more and normally heal more easily even from any parasites, if we have given them the opportunity to rebalance their values by being outdoors this winter they will be stronger and easier for them will be the winter period.

And now some short tips (knowing that you are already very practical about it) to take into account in this phase of planting:

  • The priority is avoid that tropical plants, citrus fruits etc go below the minimum temperatures allowed (look on our site on the "product details”Of your plant what is the minimum temperature not to be exceeded). For this reason, think of a place that allows its maintenance

  • The place for your plants must be as bright as possible and away from heat sources.

  • To check that the plants to be brought back inside do not have parasites because in the house it will be easy for them to reproduce and attack plants more vigorously. A smart tip for protecting plants from pests before introducing them into your home is sprinkle some soft, organic soap which will suffocate most of the possible parasites present and have no negative effects in the home environment, also protects against possible future attacks.

In short, let's get ready for the small move to do and remember that even for them this move can be a small trauma.

GardenStuff is working to optimize the answers that ELIoT multisensor gives us to be able to make the choice of the right place to grow our plants more accurate and scientific for the next year. We will keep you informed about it.

Good job, and ... share with us your successes in the world ofgreen integration!

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