Silvano Plant Pot: The Innovation Without Holes to Enrich Your Space with Plants

Silvano Plant Pot: The Innovation Without Holes to Enrich Your Space with Plants


We can create space even where there is none, and integrate plants into every opening! 

The plant pot holder Scompartment is patented for windows with and without shutters, also adjustable in height, it is  

Install in 1 minute without holes or tools! 


Maximum practicality with the Silvano plant pot: innovation that does not require drilling! 

If you want to enrich your space with beautiful plants but avoid annoying punctures on windowsills or walls, then the Silvano line is what you need. Thanks to its exclusive coupling system protected by an Industrial Invention Patent, Silvano offers a quick and safe connection without the need to drill. 

Silvano can be assembled in two versions: 

Lowered Basket: ideal for windows with outward openings or shutters. 

Sill Height Basket: perfect for creating a green atmosphere on any windowsill. 


The adjustable galvanized hook easily adapts to any type of window sill, while the springs inserted in the external uprights allow a stable and precise support on the wall. 

The new version features an improved design that provides more space for plants, allowing them to grow up to 16 cm above the level of the shutter.  

But Silvano's advantageous features don't end there: 

Quick assembly: in just 60 seconds, without the need for drilling. 

Possibility of connecting several Silvano plant pots: to create a continuous and harmonious line. 

Extreme adaptability: it can also be used on window sills of only 2.5 cm support. 

It does not obstruct window openings or shutters: thanks to its clever hooking system. 

Can be used on sloping or sheet metal surfaces: for maximum versatility. 

Adjustable springs: to keep the basket perfectly horizontal at all times. 

High-quality materials: guaranteed to last over time, with corrosion protection included. 


Silvano is truly one of a kind and offers a practical, aesthetically pleasing and durable solution to enrich any space with the beauty of plants. 



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- Silvano is available in sizes for vases and balconieswith widths of 40, 50, and 60 cm.  

- In white or grey. 

- It guarantees a hold of more than 40 kg. 

- The box includes all the components necessary for assembly! 

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