Revolutionize your garden with SpirHello® TABLETOP: Anti-mosquito spiral holder and incense holder with an innovative design!

Revolutionize your garden with SpirHello® TABLETOP: Anti-mosquito spiral holder and incense holder with an innovative design!

Your garden deserves to shine with its own light, and we at GardenStuff We believe that every detail can make a difference.    

That's why we put our passion for research and development at the heart of everything we do, creating products like SpirHello® that combine functionality and aesthetics in a unique combination.   

Since its debut on the Italian market, SpirHello® It has been able to win the hearts of thousands of people, becoming a successful brand recognized all over the world. Its product line, characterized by an attractive design and impeccable quality, continues to grow and evolve, offering new and innovative solutions for your outdoor space.   

Our Doors Zampironi are not only a deterrent to annoying insects, but they are also a decorative element that adds a touch of freshness and liveliness to your table or shelves. With small size, assorted colors and a wide range of silhouettes inspired by nature, each product in the line SpirHello® It's designed to grab your guests' attention and pique their curiosity.   

Our table spirals offer an alternative to classic mosquito candles, allowing you to also house the Stick incense on their special saucer.   

Every product SpirHello® It is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship that is reflected in its durability. The shapes are made of steel and finished with high-performance paints that guarantee resistance to atmospheric agents and a long life.   

Discover the wide range of products SpirHello® TABLETOP, FLOOR and FLOWER on our website and transform your outdoor space into an oasis of beauty and functionality. With SpirHello® , revolutionize the way you experience your garden and enjoy every moment outdoors, without worrying about annoying insects.  


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Information on product: 
Material: The silhouettes are made of steel, which is a strong and durable material.   

Finishing: The shapes are finished with anti-corrosion systems composed of high-performance vitreous and scratch-resistant paints. This ensures effective protection against the elements, ensuring a long service life.   

Height: Approx. 14 cm.   

Width: Approx. 22 cm.   

Painting: The painting is done using a powder technique, which gives a uniform and resistant coating to the surface of the steel.   

High-quality materials: All materials used in the production of SpirHello® They are carefully selected to ensure optimal performance and a long service life.   


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