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Work is as much a part of your life as it is for many people.

It allows you to have personal satisfaction and to compare yourself with different people every day. Every day you go to your office but you realize that there is something missing.

The photo of your dog, the last holiday, your favorite pen, the cup ... but a plant?

A greener office could be the beginning of the change you need!

Having a plant in the environment where you work can significantly improve moral, increase concentration and add creativity. New work companions, colorful, alive and silent.

With a simple gesture you can work better with more harmony and also be more productive.

There are several studies that show that inserting pianate in your work environment improves the sense of well-being, purifies the air and makes us more inclined to work with a more relaxed approach.

Plants in the office could make a break or a long stay more pleasant and they don't ask for much in return. Learning to take some time to take care of a plant also teaches you to have more attention for yourself.

It is in fact known by some scientific studies that by placing plants in a room the humidity increases and the accumulation of dust decreases. The increase in humidity has a relaxing effect on people and the removal of dust helps decrease allergies.

It has been proven that people who habitually work in places where the density of plants is at least one per square meter have performed better in memory tests and evaluation of other skills.

But which are the most suitable plants to live in an office?

Undoubtedly in the choice we will have to keep in mind that the plants we choose must have an easy adaptability to artificial lights, have moderate growth and withstand frequent changes in temperature.

Some are particularly suitable for this type of environment:

Aloe vera: it is considered an excellent office plant given its ability to grow well even under artificial lights. It is part of the family of succulent plants (succulents) so it does not need frequent watering.

Spathiphyllum wallisii: the smaller cut variety makes it perfect as a desk plant. It requires to be wet more frequently in the warm months while during the winter it needs less water. Its characteristic is that it grows luxuriant even in closed spaces without much natural light but requires to be kept away from direct sources of air.

Epipremnum Aureum or Pothos: it is easily recognized thanks to its green or variegated leaves between white or yellow with a particular heart shape that fall from elegant branches. They are very resistant and fast growing plants and they survive even in low light environments. To help it remain luxuriant, it is good to avoid water stagnation by keeping the soil slightly damp. If you close your eyes you can imagine it, it is very popular all over the world in closed places.

Adenium or desert rose: it is a plant of rare beauty that combines delicate white and pink flowers with a woody and robust trunk. If well set, it is able to flourish almost all year round. It is a succulent plant that requires dry, well-drained soil and prefers well-lit places.

Dracaena Sanderiana or lucky bamboo: they are very fun and beautiful plants to look at and can also be grown in water pots. To keep them verse and luxuriant they must have a constant water level, possibly at room temperature.

So good job!

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