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We broke up a few weeks ago talking about the flowers to give on Father's Day, since then we took a moment to tidy up the ideas at this moment so special for everyone's life, in full compliance with the directives for containing health emergency we have slowed down our work activities to ensure health for all.

Today, however, we have a question, how can we contribute positively and constructively to this particular moment?

The answer lies in our mission, that of bringing plants into your life, making their care an extremely rewarding moment for you, who knows how to bring back to that involvement that only beautiful things can give. We are experiencing an extraordinary situation, fears and fears often confuse us, a new and dense time has taken possession of the hectic lives we were used to. The usual world has stopped but not nature. She goes on, with her cycles and her priorities and with them she has brought us to Spring!

Burst in all its splendor, it brings with it the desire for nature, walks in the lush woods, runs in the fields and moments surrounded by greenery. Today all this is not allowed, we cannot enjoy nature in its wild state, we cannot enter its world but never as now we have the opportunity to bring greenery to our homes, creating hanging gardens, gardens on the balconies, also taking advantage of the smaller corners of our houses to smell the scent of flowers, recreate small and precious gardens that brighten the hours spent with the colors and scents that our body requires of us.

Of course it is a small drop in this great sea but our hope is that it will be useful to be able to raise morale for those who feel a little trapped in this period because of the necessary quarantine.

We are able to offer you plants and flowers, bulbs and seeds, we are your personal consultants to give you ideas and resolve doubts about the best plants for your green space.

Contact us and order what you need, we are ready to virtually enter your home to dye it green!

Follow us, in the coming days we will have news and advice for you!

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