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World Bee Day has been celebrated for 20 years on May 20th, small but very precious absolute insects, protagonists of life.

The goal of this day is to sensitize people and public opinion about their fundamental importance. Stories, films and cartoons have told the life of this particular species so much that it has become a friend for everyone, someone fears them others love them very much for sure if treated with respect they become good life companions.

Their presence within the ecosystem is irreplaceable, with their tireless pollination work they manage to maintain a biodiversity that guarantees food safety for humans and beyond. They are the most effective pollinating insects in the world and are located at the top of the pyramid of animal species.

Why depopulation?

Their survival is at risk and man is one of the biggest threats.

Over the years, there has been much discussion about the causes of this depopulation, the best known are certainly the use of pesticides in agriculture, the strong environmental pollution and the great climatic changes to which we are subject.

The consequences? They would be truly impressive and their extinction would endanger the reproduction of almost 80% of the wild species of flowers.

So what can we do in our small way to help them? Planting plants and flowers!

Gardens, balconies and lush windowsills are definitely an absolutely effective solution for us and for bees. With this gesture we will help the pollinating function of these insects.

What are the flowers to choose from?

Choosing plants with different seasons allows us to guarantee constant flowering on our balconies and the use of them also for our kitchen and the Bees will be very happy with their variety.

In Spring we can choose Tulips, Rosemary and Chives, all of simple cultivation even in pots and planters.

Then follow the Calendula, Lavender, Sunflower and Thyme from which a unique and therapeutic honey is obtained, Sulla, Mallow also excellent for wraps and herbal teas.

There are also already mixed seed preparations that attract bees.


On the occasion of this anniversary we point out two initiatives that are born to raise awareness of the condition of the Bees.

The first is an initiative of the Swiss DIY company Coop Edile + Hobb which has published an interactive thematic page full of information on bees and advice on how to make gardens and balconies welcoming to them, very nice even for children to see .

The second is a petition “Save Bees and Farmers! Towards bee-friendly agriculture for a healthy environment ". This initiative aims to "completely eliminate synthetic pesticides from the fields by 2035 starting from the most dangerous substances". In addition, it wants to "restore natural ecosystems in agricultural areas so that agriculture can become a driving force for the recovery of biodiversity and reform the sector by giving priority to organic and small-scale, diversified and sustainable agriculture."

See you among the bees!

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