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Summer is coming, long sunny days, the scorching heat and with them ... mosquitoes.
In Italy over sixty species fly, how can we stop them?

They are a torment that accompanies us throughout the hottest season, but there are effective remedies against mosquitoes, even do it yourself, that perhaps not everyone knows.

Certainly the most used currently by the Italians is the insecticide: immediate and active action over time against all tiger mosquitoes and municipalities that find their favorite habitat in domestic vegetation such as ornamental bushes, lawn, hedges and tree-lined avenues.

Instead, everyone happened to be at a summer dinner in a lush garden of plants and flowers: the perfect mosquito repellent system in these cases is the zampirone. They act immediately after switching on, do not go out with the wind and protect you and your guests throughout the evening. With a simple but graceful support, these spirals will not only be useful, but will enrich the decor of your green space.

Recommended, if you do not want to attract this type of insects, avoid the use of creams and perfumes with fruity aroma: mosquitoes are terribly attracted to this type of odor!

Also eliminate stagnant water under the pots and, to avoid mosquitoes nesting in your balcony, experiment with the copper coin technique: just insert one of them into each saucer to make the water where eggs are usually laid inhospitable .

If, on the other hand, you want to try natural solutions to fight insects in your garden, we suggest you some system to keep them away by using simple but very useful products.

- Coffee: The beans, or rather the ground powder, have a truly effective repellent effect against these hateful insects. Burn a little ground coffee and you will see that the room will be emptied in no time of disturbing hums.

- Onions and cloves: Just leave a plate with half an onion and some cloves at home. Similarly, a bowl of vinegar with a few slices of lemon can also be a useful remedy.

- Various plants: there are also several plants able to remove mosquitoes, especially geraniumsbasil, lavender, mint.

- Essential oils: There are many essential oils that prove particularly unwelcome to this species, for example lavender, lemon and Neem oil. A few drops are enough for an amazing effect; you can dilute a couple of them in pots to be placed near the windows or mix a few drops with emollient oils that act as a base and spread them on the skin like an anti-mosquito cream.

- Bats: number one predators of mosquitoes. If you are reckless and not afraid, have you ever thought of installing a bat-box for these nocturnal animals in your garden?

Finally, avoid, if you can, to dress in a dark color and prefer a light clothing.
Unfortunately even beer would increase the attractiveness of the mosquito victim: thank goodness that Oktoberfest is in a few months!

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