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In a few days it will be the World Friendship Day, a special occasion to spend in company. Thursday 30 July is the date to be marked on the calendar; the United Nations Organization (UN) decided in 2011 to set up a day to celebrate the simplest sharing value of all: friendship. This particular day is celebrated on July 30th of each year!


Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure. Here then is a list of plants and flowers that you can give to your friends, to people who have a place in your life. A small gift for someone special.


- Orchidea: "Prodigious, improbable beings, daughters of the sacred land, of the impalpable air and of the warm light" as Guy De Maupassant, famous French writer, described orchids. Yellow orchids are a symbol of friendship, its meaning is related to new beginnings and good wishes. They are excellent to give as a friend who has reached a goal.

- Yellow and pink roses: the rose is an elegant and versatile flower, through its splendid colors you will receive your heart and make those you love happy. If you are doubtful about the color, do not worry, as far as the pink color is concerned, the meaning of this flower is friendship: then give it to a dear friend of ours as a sign of affection. While yellow roses are a symbol of joy and liveliness. Designed to restore stimuli and self-esteem.

- Pink geranium: The pink geranium is the symbol of nascent affection: a new friendship ready to burst, just like your flower as a gift. The geranium with the leaves symbolizes true friendship., While the climbing geranium is present, in the language of flowers, solidity and stability.

- Tulipani: pink color for a symbol of attention, affection and good omen and, therefore, they are perfect to give and a friend or even a family member. If instead you have something to be forgiven by your friend or your friend, the white tulip is perfect for apologizing. Whatever the coloring of your tulip, it remains the perfect flower to smile on a happy occasion.

- Girasoli: The sunflower, precisely by virtue of the characteristic of always turning towards the sun, symbolizes joy, brightness and liveliness. So giving this flower is equivalent to highlighting the joyful and cheerful character: character with which the person who receives faces life. The sunflower, in other and many popular traditions, also expresses gratitude as well as respect and admiration for the person it receives as a gift.

- Calla: from the meaning of friendship and sincere esteem. With a unique and unmistakable appearance, with discreet and composed beauty, as its name which in Greek means beautiful, recalls elegance and nobility. It is ideal for expressing esteem and sincere admiration, sincere and heartfelt friendship.


Then space for imagination, choose the color we like best. A flower of friendship can also be chosen based on the color, with blue we emphasize the loyalty of a relationship, with green the vitality, yellow expresses joy and red, notoriously, romance.

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