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International Dog Day is celebrated on Wednesday 26 August. The initiative was born in 2004 in the United States by Colleen Paige, a pet expert.

This day is an opportunity to remember the benefits that a four-legged friend brings within his life. Our trusted companion is also the best antistress you could ever want, capable of tearing a smile even in the most difficult situations.

Having a dog also allows you to always stay in shape without a gym or special tools: with daily walks, in fact, not only is the dog-owner relationship strengthened, but the latter can also keep himself constantly in exercise.


Walking in company has always been a playful activity that is good for our health: spending long days walking with our faithful friend can be an excellent idea of ​​leisure from the usual city routine.

These 6-legged walks have turned into a project developed thanks to the collaboration between Alina Gargiulo, dog instructor and Erica Segale and Massimo Cingotti, environmental tourist guides. What do these excursions consist of? Once a month itineraries are proposed in landscapes immersed in nature between mountains and hills where the environment is still little contaminated and there is the possibility to admire and breathe nature.

During the excursions, the dogs will enjoy the possibility of being in a group context, refining and improving communication between different subjects. They will also have the opportunity to play with each other or dedicate themselves to what they love most, such as following the olfactory tracks for example. All always under the guidance of the dog instructor who will evaluate their reactions and measure their attitudes, so that each dog does not become a problem for the other or for the people who will be able to meet during walks.

The necessary to participate are: trekking shoes (essential!), A fleece or a windproof jacket and a water bottle. Trekking poles are suggested, but are not always indispensable. As far as dogs are concerned, it is essential that they have a harness, a leash (it is also mandatory by law on mountain trails), biscuits or prizes for the proposed exercises, muzzle and bowl for water.


Another activity that has taken hold in the last period finds its name in "dog fitness": the perfect combination of fun and physical activity for the human and the dog.

The training involves twenty minutes to devote to running / walking to warm up the muscles, train the breath and, above all, to allow the dog to run and let off steam in the open air, which is not always easy for an animal that lives in the city . The second part provides a circuit of free body exercises for the human. Instead, the dog will go on to train basic self-control. Everything lasts an hour at the most so as not to tire and stress both the man and his four-legged companion.

The latter part of the dog fitness training is very important because it allows you to work freely with the animal and perform bodyweight exercises by keeping it close, but not having to control it with your arm.

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