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With a little more attention, even the Halloween party can become more eco-sustainable and green: here are the tips that WWF has reported on its website.

Halloween is approaching and for some years now this celebration of Celtic origin (erroneously believed to be American) has also spread in our country. And so there are many Italians who prepare each year to decorate their home and organize real celebrations.

What are the tricks we can have to celebrate Halloween while respecting the environment? WWF, one of the most respected organizations for the defense of the environment and endangered species, has thought about this.


Pumpkins, ghosts, bats and lights - anything can be zero waste with a little creativity. It is possible, for example, to transform women's stockings - especially the stretched ones - into original cobwebs. Or, to paint the packaging polystyrene or the more common cardboard to create tombs, rocks and various animals. You can create other decorations from bags of oranges, leaves and branches of the courtyard and use fabric and felt to recreate pumpkins and ghosts. Of course, don't forget to recycle the decorations from the year before!


Also on the costume front, recycling is not only possible, but it is also fun: you can recover old clothes, such as worn t-shirts and pants, to match them according to the character you want to play. Also indulge yourself in creating cuts and tears on the fabric, reminiscent of worn out clothes of zombies or, if you are a skilled sewer, free your imagination to create new and original costumes, which no one will ever have!

What to do with the classic pumpkin, which has now become the symbol of Halloween? WWF's advice is to buy it preferably from local producers or, even better, to grow your own: children love to see it grow! After growing and decorating it, don't throw all the goodies out of your pumpkin - you can toast the seeds for tasty treats and make a pumpkin pie or fruit muffins.


The current health emergency will certainly not make it possible to organize a large party with many people, but this will be an opportunity to be together with your family and to have fun at home. To do this with a light heart, however, it is also good to pay attention to the materials used: reduce waste by avoiding disposable glasses, plates and cutlery, rather use normal dishes or buy biodegradable ones and with an indelible marker (or applying pleasant labels) identify the glasses so that everyone keeps track of their own.


This Halloween will not be the same as usual even with regard to the greatest tradition of this holiday, the one for which children especially go from house to house asking the classic question "trick or treat?". But nothing prevents, celebrating at home and in the company of your family, to indulge in sweets and, indeed, to do so while remaining friends with the environment. In addition to homemade cookies and cakes, simply buy locally made foods, candies and treats, look for butts with minimal packaging and wrapped with recycled materials and check the labels to verify that the chocolate and sugar come from sustainable sources!


To contain candies and treats in an original way, use objects that you already have at home: a bucket, a pillowcase or even an old bag can be creatively decorated! This year unfortunately for the current situation it will not be possible to use them to make "trick or treat" from house to house and collect the candies inside of them, but these containers can be stored and used year after year!


From party food to treats to pumpkins, consider composting all the organic matter and recycling some of the items you used.


Reuse as much as possible from year to year. Instead of throwing out an old box or bag, use it to collect all your decorations and save them for the next year.

As mentioned above, this year it will not be possible to have the classic Halloween due to the health emergency, but this is not a waiver! Celebrating at home, in the company of your family and also respecting the environment is possible by following these simple steps.

Happy Halloween from the Team of GardenStuff!

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