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"Come to my loving heart, my beautiful cat: hold your claws and let me sink into your beautiful eyes, mixed with agate and metal".

From the words of Charles Baudelaire who wrote about cats.

Today, yes celebrate national cat day, a special day for all lovers of these wonderful felines boastful and playful!

The day chosen is not accidental: February, according to an ancient belief, it is "the month of cats and witches " and the number 17 has been indicated to dispel all the myths related to bad luck that have accompanied the history of this feline.

According to the estimates of the CENSIS in Italy they would be present in homes about 7.5 million cats, not counting the remaining number in the city alleys. This means that qAlmost one in three Italians lives with a cat which actively contributes to the joy and well-being of the family.

There is nothing to object, in certain moments there is not anti-stress more powerful and natural than the company of a cat. Her purring vibrating lead to high frequencies and piercing eyes they seem to look at an unknown depth. Having a cat at home, loving it and taking care of it, take it with you many benefits. Help the mental health, improves the relations and makes it more tolerant even towards small daily problems, from headaches to small everyday ailments.

Cats are among the oldest and most mysterious animals in history, their figure has always been linked to myths and legends.

The cats were already known more than six thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians who they tamed them to defend the granaries from rats. They soon became gods like the goddess Bastet, woman's body and cat's face. Their presence in Roman society is also rediscovered in the mosaics of Pompeii. If we talk about Islam instead, we remember that it was the cat Muezza who saved Mohammed from the bite of a snake.

Wild and magnetic even if they live in the house they do not lose their wild nature. The pampering and purring sweets of small cats in a time of severe restrictions like this, remain a real remedy for many people who have increasingly decided to adopt a pet.

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