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Don't you see the garden coming spring right? Like all of us with every eye of the sun you feel like a little lizard and you look out on your windowsill or go out on the balcony to enjoy the first heat that warms the skin. Observe yours vases and planters is you can't wait to see them colorful and lush.

You certainly already have in mind how you would like to see your green corner but if you are still on the high seas, close your eyes and try to imagine it ...

Now is the time to make all the preparations for the upcoming season! Don't get caught unprepared!

Whatever your project, there are some elements that cannot be missing for the care of your plants.


Let's start from here, gloves, shears and a watering can are definitely the starting point, make sure you have the right tools, check that with time yours gloves have no holes in them and yours shears they are in good condition, far from rust and unsafe closures, especially if children are around the house. Also get a shovel it will be very useful to transfer the earth. For watering make sure you have a nebulizer for the hottest days and a watering can practical and capacious of the right size.


Make sure you always have a good supply of universal soil, whatever your choice of plant, this element certainly cannot be missing to refresh or transplant into new, more capacious pots. L'Humus it is another element that we advise you to always keep on hand for when you transplant your flowers, it enriches the soil and helps flowering. A good liquid fertilizer that's what it takes to get the season off to a good start.


Depending on the shape of your home, there are various types of pot holders, each window sill, each railing will have its own flowers and plants. Remember in this regard the safety, a fundamental aspect for not transforming a pleasant activity such as plant care into a potential danger for you and for other people.

VASOSECURO: it is the anti-falling pot system suitable for every sill or wall, with a refined design, it is one of a kind and you can to choose there Shape and the color that suits you best! No assembly tools required, in fact, by purchasing the VasoSicuro that you like best, you will be provided with everything you need for its very rapid assembly. It is not necessary to drill holes for its hooking, therefore it can also be used on all types of walls.

SERPENTELLO: it is the most versatile and adaptable security system that exists. Thanks to the possibility of stretch it is remodel it at will is able to to adapt to any type of window or windowsill, even oversized ones! In a few minutes you can secure your vases, round, square and of any shape or size they are!

SILVANO: is the pot holder capable of create space where there isn't! If you own a window with a tiny windowsill or the shutters bother you is the best solution to be able to put flowers outside your window. Silvano is provided with a very safe galvanized hook that holds up to 40 kg weight and its basket is adjustable to two different heights, high, to have the pots at windowsill height, lowered if you are in the presence of shutters or mosquito nets that would compromise the assembly and management of any other planter.

Very well here we are, if you have verified that you have everything you need to prepare yourself for the busiest season of the year, you are already well underway, if you find that something is missing you can think of starting your spring purchases right now, a practical and useful way to dilute expenses over the coming months.

For any doubts contact us, we will be happy to give you the most suitable advice for you!

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