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"Imitating what nature does" is the teaching suggested by Emilia Hazelip, the creator of synergistic agriculture which in these words embodies the meaning of its practice.

Today we want to introduce this concept and then bring you in the next posts to practical tips for a better cultivation of potted plants.

Indeed, it is a question of establishing a relationship between essential elements of life.

Soil, plants, microorganisms and nutrients, living in perfect balance, compose, according to the rules of synergic agriculture, a "single organism" within which the processes of birth, growth, reproduction and death alternate over time and balance with others. Synergic agriculture brings us back to the concept of natural balance.

In fact, it has been shown that some plants help each other in growth, while others hinder each other, weakening. Synergic agriculture is based on these principles. It is a natural method of cultivation, which is advisable to apply when setting up a vegetable garden or garden on your balcony.

As you know, our mission is to bring green spaces and the possibility of growing plants even in the smallest corners of the houses, the lack of space is a topic that is deeply felt by the new generations.

Having balconies, flower houses and rich in different plant species is a solution that brings well-being in the daily life of each of us.

Synergic agriculture gives us the cue to recommend a simple technique that will allow you to have plants of different species in a single pot.

The basic rule says that it is not recommended to grow plants from the same botanical family in the same pot.

Plants belonging to different botanical families, on the other hand, can stay close together, they use the components of the soil in a different way and thus do not impoverish each other.

Their proximity creates a more balanced ecosystem and grows healthy and robust.

Once again nature reminds us of how plants teach us to live.

Balance is the basis of life.

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