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In an increasingly insistent way, the air of change passes through people, a profound change that everyone experiences in a personal and unique way.

If we think of a common denominator of recent times we can certainly name the "call of nature", that ever more insistent and inexplicable desire to connect with the green and with what mother earth has created.

Gökotta is an untranslatable Swedish word, literally meaning "to get up at dawn to go out and listen to the birdsong", but it is generally used to indicate the need to find time to appreciate nature.

What is Biophilia?

The Greek term Biophilia literally means "love of life", one of the first to mention it was an American biologist Edward O. Wilson, in 1984 through one of his writings, in which he explains that if man could freely choose the place to live or work, he would prefer an elevated space, surrounded by greenery and close to a source of water.

The concept of Biophilia is the expression of man's innate desire to live in contact with nature.

Biophilia applied to environments

In modern life, many professionals, architects and designers have been able to take up this concept in a very contemporary way, designing increasingly green places and environments. Cities all over the world are looking for an increasingly naturalistic and eco-sustainable dimension and are populated with greenery, such as the Vertical Forest of Milan or the Sky garden of London. Biophilia also touches the domestic sphere in a design strategy that responds to precise neurological responses: if the surrounding environment has specific conditions it is possible to reduce stress, this type of approach brings the gaze back to the centrality and well-being of the person.

Biophilia, combined with design, is based on the integration of vegetation, natural light and dynamic ventilation.

Connecting with nature and getting to know it is a major challenge. Implementing indoor environments with plants, healthy and well cared for, suitable for the environment in which they are found is an increasingly pressing request even in professional environments where medical offices, exhibition centers, places dedicated to hospitality are tinged with green thanks to the presence of plant. The green market opens up to new needs and focuses on technological and cutting-edge products to be able to support this need.

Through the integration of greenery in the interior spaces, even in the smallest houses, each of us can contribute to the well-being of the planet through careful and correct cultivation.

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